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May 24, 2020

We hope you are fine and healthy during this horrible pandemic. Regardless of which CCIE path you decided to take, you must know some hard facts about Access Points (APs)

Lightweight image: k9w8
Autonomous image: k9w7


Make sure the autonomous access points must be run...

Let's directly continue the second part after knowing enough of Hashcat basics! 💪

Hashcat allows you to use the following built-in charsets to attack a WPA2/WPA handshake file and enough sniffing the air! :)

Built-in charsets

Numbered passwords

So lets assume th...

April 22, 2020

In this article we try to shed some light on some myths about new Certification framework:

Is the Core Exam of CCNP different than Core Exam for CCIE?

Core Exam for CCNP is same as CCIE. You do not need to pass the Core/Written Exam again for CCIE. Core Exam for CCNP als...

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